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The app makes DIVI a more approachable and accessible experience for users. Most college aged individuals don't want to risk any of their time exploring new experiences that might not pay off. The DIVI app clearly displays everything the service has to offer and what items are available. Users can browse items, place holds, and manage the items they are currently borrowing.

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DIVI's Instagram campaign prioritizes generating excitment and intrigue. It promises something to do and encourages the viewer to learn more about how they can borrow fun items for super cheap.

The tone of the campaign is casual and speaks to college students. Being college is hard (and excpensive), but DIVI offers an affordable and sustainable alternative to the typical waste culture many college students are stuck in the cycle of. 


The brand itself went through a lot of refinement but always stayed true to a colorful and energetic personality. I wanted the logo to express the variety of items DIVI has to offer and speak to the craftiness and growing popularity of the DIY movement.

The idea of DIVI began from my experiences working with different sustainability innitiatives on RIT's campus. The way college students use and think of stuff is wastefull, expensive, and impractical. After researching and interviewing students I decided a spot walking distance from campus where students can rent fun and cheap items for a day or two would not only make student's time at school more enjoyable and affordable, but it also helps elliminate some of the items thrown out at the end of every school year by students moving out.